The Ulkopolitist in brief

The Ulkopolitist is an independent online magazine focusing on international affairs and Finnish foreign and security policy.

The magazine’s articles, podcasts and videos are created by a group of over 100 active contributors who have expertise in countries, regions, and phenomena from across the world – and in editing, spellchecking, communications, and podcast and video production.

Ever since our founding in 2011, our mission has been to improve the quality of foreign and security policy debates in Finland. We do this by publishing articles, commentary and podcasts that introduce critical and novel viewpoints to offer high-quality analysis of complex international affairs in Finnish. Our belief is that the better the analysis, the better the debate that it contributes to and helps create.

The Ulkopolitist is led by an editor-in-chief, who is supported by a pair of managing editors. The magazine is divided into six sections, each with their own team of writers and editors, with additional teams responsible for editing and spellchecking, communications and events, and podcast production.

The magazine’s activities are supported by The Ulkopolitist ry, a registered association which lists many of the magazine’s current and former contributors as members.